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Geotag Remover
Removes GPS location from all of your photos (before they get copied to a public site) and backs up the original files.

How Geotag Remover came about?
I first saw this TV news video, "Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks", which had a reporter locate where people were in realtime as well as the location of children whose parents posted photos of them. As a parent who has taken more than a few photos already, I have many photos on my PC from which I want to remove that information in case they ever get posted online. One day I thought "I Wish I Could have a tool to remove all Geotag information from all of my photos." So I wrote this tool where you can specify the folder on your machine of all of photos and the Geotag data is removed from those files. And those images get backed up before the file is changed so that they can be restored if so desired. There are web sites to do this for one file at a time, but those sites aren't too useful for someone with hundreds or thousands of photos.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8

Download Geotag Remover (88 KB)


  • What types of files does it work with?
    This tool looks for all JPEG files on your machine. These files end with the .JPG or .JPEG file extension.
  • How many files does it work with
    This can, optionally, find and modify all of your JPEG photos on your Windows machine.