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TiVo To Calendar
Automatically adds your upcoming TiVo recordings to your Google calendar.

How TiVo To Calendar came about?
For years, I kept asking my wife, "What shows are recording tonight?" For some time now, I've been using Google calendar which sends an email each morning with everything in my calendar for the day. One day I thought "I Wish I Could have my TiVo recordings appear in my calendar so that I can see what's recording that day in my morning email." I also wanted the tool to be able to run periodically without me having to do anything. And let me just add certain types of shows that I want in my calendar and be notified of them before the show starts. This comes in handy when a live sporting event or awards show is recording so that you can have a better chance to watch it before finding out the results online or from a friend or relative calling.

TiVo to Calendar is no longer available or supported.